Playing With Words

Want a fun way to work with words? Try Wordle and Tagxedo to create exciting word splashes.

 Here are some ways we've used Wordle and Tagxedo.
  • Transform word walls
  • Use concepts and words from a "big idea"
  • Run sections of text and student papers
  • Compare student papers
  • Post creations to class blogs or post around the room
I selected our blog!

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  1. I'm happy to see others are using Wordle with their ELL's. I have also used Worlde to help students better understand what it means to paraphrase. After we read a text I give it to them in word cloud form, then ask them to re-write the story, or I should say section of the story, using the word cloud. This has worked quite well for me in the past. Anyway, I love your blog and think it's great that otehrs are interested in the same technology that I am, and for the same reasons.