The Story

Welcome!  Watch and participate as the story unfolds.

Technology:  Where does it belong in education?  Teachers have different perspectives and stories to tell about their experiences with the integration of technology and education.  What's your story?  What happened when tech met ed?  Was it an instant friendship or an evolving relationship with some ups-and-downs?  Did they play well together?  How were they at sharing?  How did they resolve issues?

Time allowing, this site explores a small bit of my evolving understanding of the general topic of technology in education, possibilities for using tech in meaningful ways as a tool within my classes, and ways I use it to develop professional learning.  It serves as an intermediate stepping stone for some of my work and play.  It has taken many twists and turns since the first post and many more are anticipated.

Thank you to Kacey Kintscher who blogged on here for the first two years.  Here's a summary of her contributions.  Many people contribute to this story, including my students.  Join in the discovery of this thing called educational technology!

Happy viewing!