Does the Spine Matter? Book Spine Poetry Part 2

Book Spine Poetry is simple-fun! See my previous post for evidence.  I stumbled upon it, but it was inevitable that I would do so.  Read on for my related lazy summer library days story that prompted me to take the next step and create.

My Lazy Summer Library Days Story
As a kid I recall sultry summer afternoons that lingered on forever.  Solitude and freedom awaited me in the old train depot that had been “renovated” to accommodate a meager number of books available to the public in the rural town I called home.  I found refuge wiping away cobwebs from book spines and gently blowing off the dust as I randomly selected one with a sense of awe.  Seemingly minutes passed before the librarian softly told her only patron that she needed to close to make it to her evening job. 

Considering the amount of time I had spent gazing at the books, I wandered slowly home carrying only a light knapsack with room to spare.  Much of my time had been spent browsing the spines, daydreaming about what story, adventure, or truth of human nature might be encompassed in those brief titles.  I knew exactly where the larger than life dictionary was located and frequently used it to look up the meanings of words in the titles.  Being that I was only in third grade, most of the books were beyond my reading comprehension level, but the titles allowed me to create my own stories.

Now, skip forward a few decades… “Does the title matter?” one of my students asked me.  This question is like asking a chef if an ingredient is of importance.  Rather than tell, I show. Print is both purposely and haphazardly displayed about both my work and home environments.  Book spines give a quick glimpse of topics of importance to members of my home. 

What’s Your Poem or Story?
Book Spine Poetry has a way of bringing out our stories and creativity.  What’s your story?  What new story comes alive when you combine the books that surround you on a daily basis in a Book Spine Poem?  How can this be used in education?  What could you learn about your students or coworkers by creating and/or participating in a school-wide Book Spine Poetry challenge?  Imagine the possibilities in the bilingual or multilingual classroom! 

Where’s the tech here? 
Well… this one’s got two sides.  There’s the platform needed to share the pictures and the photography involved.  It could be made into a multimedia project, combined with audio or an online presentation tool, etc.  But there is also a downside.  As I searched about my home to create my own poems, most of the recent books I have consumed were located on my tablet… 

Happy Book Spine Poetry creating!


Book Spine Poetry Part I

Do a search for “Book Spine Poetry” and a plethora of examples and sites will be at your fingertips.  Try your own version.  It’s simple-fun!  Nina Katchadourian is a reappearing name you will discover in your search.  Her Sorted Books Project is well worth exploring!  Libraries and bloggers run their own Book Spine Poetry challenges that are fun to browse as well.

Here is my first amateur attempt.  My kiddo and I dusted off a few books in our library, discussed possible poems while sharing a few laughs, and then took some quick shots on the iPhone.  I then spent entirely too long playing with my new Mac version of SnagIt, all-the-while admiring the abilities of professional photographers and imaging the possibilities if only I were willing to invest more time.  Life is in the details is a phrase that comes to mind when Book Spine Poetry is attempted.

I know this much is true…
The world is open,
The sun also rises.
Where the sidewalk ends,
Let the great world spin.
The Outsiders:
Little women,
The girl who fell from the sky,
Children of the river,
Invisible man.

The Call of the Wild
Two old women
The chocolate war.
You can’t go home again

Can you guess what genre each of these poems relates to?  Stay tuned for an upcoming post that inspired this creation frenzy and discusses application in educational technology.  Happy Book Spine Poetry creating! 


When Tech Met Ed Changes

Kacey and I have blogged together on When Tech Met Ed for close to two years now.  It’s been a lot of fun as the blogging often extended beyond what is posted to interesting conversations. It’s fun to see the changes in educational technology in this short time by reviewing some of these links as well.

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Thanks to Kacey for her contributions. She can be found on Twitter and Google Plus. I’m not sure what the future of When Tech Met Ed holds, but I will continue to explore education and technology here as time allows.  The site will take on a different format and change within the next few months, so thanks for sticking around!