Links of the Month: February

Thanks to one of Cheridy’s TCE students this term for the picture created with Make Beliefs Comix.  This question inspired us to begin what we hope will be a monthly series of our favorite podcasts, webcasts, blogs, and/or links.

Cheridy’s pick
Click HERE to link to Women of the Web 3.0: Ed Tech Talk #121 (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the audio.) I’ve been intrigued by Skype in the classroom since my father did a Skype presentation at NECC. I am mulling over its possibilities and was delighted to listen to this podcast with one of my favorite bloggers, Syliva Tolisano of Langwitches.  

Kacey’s pick:
Angela Maiers interviewed Debbie Miller, retired Colorado teacher and writer, about her latest book Teaching With Intention. You can listen here.

Cheridy’s pick:
In keeping with the Skype theme, here’s a link to Syliva Tolisano’s seemingly amazing project Around the World With 80 Schools.  There are opportunities for connecting with classes grades 1 – possibly higher ed.  Drop me a line if you participate!

Kacey’s pick:
Last weekend, I attended the Oregon Reading Association's Annual Conference in Portland and came home with new reading strategy ideas swimming in my head! One of the presentations I attended was about iPod use in the classroom (stay tuned for the post). It got me thinking about Apps and how I might use them in the classroom. Perfect timing as Michael Gorman blogged ...There's an App For That and reminded me about I Education Apps Review! Thanks Michael! 

In wrapping up the post, here’s a stab at answering the question asked in the comic… Our ideas and links in our tabs at the top of our site are inspired by our passion to learn more about tech and ed integration by listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and exploring applicable sites.  We RSS feed to various blogs, podcasts, and webcasts.  We also find ourselves trying out sites that are in beta.  We are enjoying the journey.  Thanks for adding to the inspiration Theresa!  

Co-post by CA and KK

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