Check Out the 21st ESL/EFL/ELD Blog Carnival

Alice Mercer is hosting the Twenty First Edition of the ESL/EFL/ELD Blog Carnival!  (Wow, people in ESOL really do like their acronyms!  *See the bottom for an explanation of these fun letters.) This is exciting  for a few reasons.
  • These carnivals offer a wealth of information and practical teaching ideas in one single post.  I am getting ready to teach a vocabulary class and am excited to explore the link about vocabulary.  I've also been thinking about incorporating TED Talks into my ESOL class, so the link on Alice's blog about this very topic has me anxious to read on.  
  • This also serves as a motivator to explore past ESL/EFL/ELD Blog Carnivals accessible here on Larry Ferlazzo's site.   (Yes, it takes as long to type those acronyms as it does to say them.) 
David Deubelbeiss, whom I recently began reading, will host the April 1st edition.  I am pleased to hear that Shelly Terrell will host a May 1st edition on early learners!

Check it out now!  As a demonstration of enthusiasm, I will try my first tweet in keeping with my 2011 goals for trying out new technology-- it's called a tweet isn't it? (Thanks Alice for following a newbie on Twitter.)

Happy Exploring!

ESL = English as a Second Language, EFL = English as A Foreign Language, ELD = English Language Development, ESOL = English Speakers of Other Language, and the list goes on and on in the field...

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