5 Ways to Know You've Geeked Out for Tech and Ed

Here are five telling signs that you've "geeked out" for tech and ed:

1. When you find yourself in your own race on a Saturday night, running red lights to get to the documentary, The Race To Nowhere.  Here's a shout out of "More power to you" to the ONE other viewer in the theater.  The Race To Nowhere is a documentary worth seeing.   Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant does a nice job on this blog post of highlighting some quotes from it.  These quotes are enough to spark intense "geeked out" conversation.

2.  When you eagerly check your email inbox on your smart phone shortly after waking up because you know somewhere between the hours of 3-6, your blogging partner replied to the tech/ed related emails you hit send to at midnight.   You've got mail-- music to your ears. 

3.  When a highlight of your day is reading ed/tech blogs via RSS feeds and tweets, a hashtag becomes meaningful, and you discover that there are a whole group of fascinating educators who have nothing better to do on a weekend night than to hang out on Twitter.  We're there...  @CheridyAduviri and @KaceyKintscher  

4.  When you design your own "personal learning curriculum" and listen to podcasts on your daily commute to work in your make-shift classroom on wheels. Their voices and ideas resonate with you throughout the day.  Seedlings with Alice Bar, Bob Sprankle, and Cheryl Oaks  continues to be a favorite!

5.  When you want to spend inordinate amounts of time applying new web 2.0 tools to education. Here are some applications we have made so far.  Tools like Posterous, Jing, Prezi, Animoto, etc. can equate to meaningful learning opportunities and fun!

Look for a future posts entitled "Why the World NEEDS More Tech Ed Geeks"  and "Why You Should Geek Out Too."  

Photo credit:  http://littlegeko.blogspot.com

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