Book Spine Poetry Part I

Do a search for “Book Spine Poetry” and a plethora of examples and sites will be at your fingertips.  Try your own version.  It’s simple-fun!  Nina Katchadourian is a reappearing name you will discover in your search.  Her Sorted Books Project is well worth exploring!  Libraries and bloggers run their own Book Spine Poetry challenges that are fun to browse as well.

Here is my first amateur attempt.  My kiddo and I dusted off a few books in our library, discussed possible poems while sharing a few laughs, and then took some quick shots on the iPhone.  I then spent entirely too long playing with my new Mac version of SnagIt, all-the-while admiring the abilities of professional photographers and imaging the possibilities if only I were willing to invest more time.  Life is in the details is a phrase that comes to mind when Book Spine Poetry is attempted.

I know this much is true…
The world is open,
The sun also rises.
Where the sidewalk ends,
Let the great world spin.
The Outsiders:
Little women,
The girl who fell from the sky,
Children of the river,
Invisible man.

The Call of the Wild
Two old women
The chocolate war.
You can’t go home again

Can you guess what genre each of these poems relates to?  Stay tuned for an upcoming post that inspired this creation frenzy and discusses application in educational technology.  Happy Book Spine Poetry creating! 


  1. Oh, wow! What a cool poetry lesson/assignment. I want to do this right now...kind of a found poem using the bulk of real books.

  2. Thanks Carrie! I thought it was pretty cool as well when I first discovered it. It was fun. Let me know if you give it a try.