Two Ways of Organizing: Evernote and Dropbox

Get your brain clear in order to get to the creative stuff is what I took away from David Allen's, Getting Things Done. As I try to become more seamless with my organizing, I've read his next book Making it all Work and have been listening to podcasts from David's new GTD site (downloaded through iTunes podcasts). I'm constantly looking for ways to make life "clear."  In a previous post I talked about using DropBox, and I've been using Evernote as a way to help me keep track of web sites (web clipping) for years. It was a kind of bookmarking strategy after becoming frustrated with bookmarks that were unsearchable. With Evernote I can recall websites, documents and pictures in a visual manner. This post about Teachers Using Evernote explains some additional uses!   Uses for Students is also helpful.  With information overload and having to manage in one day what people used to manage in a year, these are a couple of ways to help "link your life" so you can access them anywhere. Paperless? Some day maybe!

Happy Organizing!

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