Links of the Month: March

Cheridy’s picks:   For as long as I can remember I have been interested in the idea of space and how we utilize it.  This Clever Sheep podcast called  The IDEA about school learning environments, space, and 21st Century technologies caught my attention. Rod Lucier, The Clever Sheep blogger, also blogs about it in his post entitled IDEA, which includes an interesting video. Lucier's 7-10 minute podcasts are ideal for packing in interesting ed/tech ideas in a short amount of time.  Another one of his podcasts I enjoyed was Teach vs. Reach.  It's in part about reaching out with interactive smartboards and network learning by using tools such as Skype, Scribblar, etc.

Kacey’s picks:  I continue my podcast“professional development commute.” Here are some things I’ve been listening to.
·         The Future of Education  with Steve Hardigon offers interesting interviews that give many perspectives. I like how Steve’s questioning follows what I want to ask his guests. All the podcasts have been good listening. Recently, I enjoyed this interview with Kevin Kelly.  I also liked this interview with Yong Zhao on Education, China, and Tiger Moms.   
·         ED Tech Crew is new to me and worth it for its quality and topics.
·          Bit By Bit "Play Time (Please Don't Cry)” is a blog post by Bob Sprankle with an embedded audio of Bob’s “Sandbox” routine recorded during one of his kid tech classes. You can also download the short podcast from iTunes. Look for “Play Time! (Please Don’t Cry) between shows 109 and 110. Happy Listening!

Cheridy’s picks:  Glogster EDU is my web 2.0 tool pick for this month because I have had so much fun employing it in the classroom.  See my post below.  I also RSS feed to Technology and Education Box of Tricks and appreciate this gold mine post of useful web 2.0 tools called A-Z Resources for Education gleaned by Jose Picardo.  I have added it as a link in our web 2.0 tools tab.

Kacey’s picks:  When I found this one I e-mailed Cheridy, “bazzinga!” Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites has a wealth of links and information for students, teachers, administrators and parents. This section is by grade level with links to teacher’s web sites. This part of the site could be useful for new teachers.

Happy Exploring!

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