Google In Education Provides Nice Resources

Google “revamped” its Google in Education site last week, announced the launch of Google+ Google for Education page, and highlighted its booklet Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning. The Googe+ page looks like it has potential for dialogue.  The booklet shows some ways Google is implemented in education across the globe.  The site makes it nice to have so much Google information related to education in one place.  It has links for teachers, organizations, and students, and one that highlights its news and calendar.

I’m eager to take a closer look at the classroom videos on the You Tube for Schools.  It would be exciting to participate in some of the professional development opportunitiesThe classroom tools is convenient for quick access to all of Google’s educational resources.  My first impression is also that it is nice to see some student examples.  I particularly like the Google Sketchup information and can attest to how Google Sketchup can integrate fun and learning.  There are some videos showing students in action, lesson plans, and more.  

The timing of these is interesting in comparison to Apple’s recent education announcements.  Read our most recent related posts:  iBooks 2, Textbooks, iBooks Author, and iTunes U Initial Impressions and Quick Byte: Google Science Fair 2012 and TED x Winners from 2011.  The Google in Education site can now be accessed in our Ed Sites page as well.

Happy Googling!

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