The Teachers Should See This: Research and Expensive Food

I am eleven years old and a guest blogger here.  I often find interesting sites and sometimes want to share them.  I will occasionally post things I think teachers should see. I hope you like my post.

 Sometimes it’s hard to believe all the weird stuff people will buy. Like buying a cornflake for $1,350.00 or a Pizza for $4,200. I am going to tell you about the most expensive M&M. It was a brown M&M sold for $1,500! The reason it was expensive is because it was on the Paul Allen’s SpaceShipOne on June 21st 2004. If you ask me, it still seems like a lot. Here is a math problem you can ask your students. How many regular M&M’s can you buy with $1,500? I know it isn’t one! If you want more details about the M&M, click here

I have been learning to cross-reference. It’s called triangulation and it helps make sure your findings are valid.  Here are some other sites that back these prices up: Most expensive cornflake 1, most expensive cornflake 2, most expensive pizza 1, most expensive pizza 2, most expensive M&M 1, and most expensive M&M 2. If you want to know why I picked The Most Expensive Journal to represent the most expensive M&M, pizza, and cornflake, it is because it has been posted by the New York Times, etc. You can read about it on its about page.

I am still learning how to trust a site and stay safe online. Here are some sites that can help: Using the Web, How to Do Research, Credible Sources Count! , Research It Right!, and Ivy’s Search Engine Resources for KidsThis site by Mrs. Train has some good information I used.  At the bottom is a template that can be used to ask yourself if your sites are reliable.

Happy researching!  Don’t eat too many expensive M&M’s.

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