Why Does Sugata Mitra Anger So Many Educators?

This Ed Tech Talk entitled, Why Does Sugata Mitra Anger So Many Educators, is interesting!  I think you will find it interesting.  If you aren't familiar with the work of Sugata Mitra, view some of his TED Talks here.

Participants in the Ed Tech Talk include Dave Cormier, Jeff LebowJennifer MadrellGraham Stanley, John Schinker.  They discuss Sugata Mitra's concept of Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE), but conversation goes beyond Mitra's views.  Their discussion leaves room for reflection for the future of education in K-12 and higher ed.  Dave Cormier wrote two related posts The Rise of SOLEs (Part 1): The Decline of the Webquest and The Rise of the SOLES (Part 2): At the Heart of a SOLE.  These put some of their conversation into context.

What are some of your take-aways?  What points do you agree and disagree with? Watch it and share your thoughts here or in person with another educator.


  1. Teachers do not understand that his motivation is to put learning into the hands of the students. This frightens them because they have to give up control and share it with their students. For the last year I have been using his methods in my class. They work rather effectively. My students are happier and more involved as they ask stronger questions and pursue their interests. Is it the way of education in the future? No, it is simply a path that will lead us to something better. I am fusing SOLE with Project H Design next year. I think this is closer to the way education should be.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts Bill. I'm interested in knowing what Project H Design is. I'm not familiar with it.

  3. Project H Design developed a program, found here http://www.projecthdesign.org/. What they did is take unmotivated students and worked with them on design projects to enhance their community. They researched and built improved chicken coops, food stalls for farmers and a farmers market for their town. The idea is based on giving the kids what they need to learn to thrive, and include the subjects they are supposed to be learning as part of their research. For example design contains a lot of mathematical skills that could be taught through learning about design. Next year I am working with my Grade 5 class to focus on Visual arts, Theatre and Social Justice. I am going to teach as much as I can all the other subject areas through these topics.

  4. This is interesting! I'm going to take a closer look at Project H Design. I'd love to hear how it goes with your students. :-) Within the next week, I'm going to cross post at my work blog: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/techdoutlearning/ so feel free to share with that audience as well.

    Thanks Bill. The concept of community and learning coming together surrounding social justice is powerful!