2010 K-12 Online Conference Links

The 2010 K-12 Online Conference ended with the closing keynote by David Warlick. The webinars are accessible and can be viewed at anytime here.

Since I have used VoiceThread multiple times in my classes, I was drawn to Chrissy Hellyer's below presentation Record, Reflect, and Share: Using VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio. She gives some practical tips, discusses how it can be used for student led conferences, and provides student examples.

Additional resources related to Chrissy Hellyer's presentation are located on this link.

I also enjoyed watching middle school student Nicolas Gutkowski's presentation about his 5th grade wiki called Learning On My Own.

These webinars and many others are accessible on the 2010 k-12 Online Conference schedule page.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Thanks for watching my K12 Online Conference presentation and mentioning it on your blog! I do hope that it is practical and helpful for educators thinking about creating digital portfolios with their students.