Jing Offers an Alternative Way to Provide Feedback Plus More

Jing is a screen sharing tool that has become useful in my life.  I began using the free version over a year ago in my online classes and recently purchased the pro version.  It's as easy as ABC to use.   Nine year old, "Little Gecko," quickly captures screen images and posts them to her blog.  Here's a Jing video she created while drawing on Kerpoof.

This term, I provided my online students with feedback about their papers using Jing.  I highlighted areas within an individual paper that I wanted to discuss.  Then, I discussed away while recording in Jing.  I think there is a lot of potential here as an alternative way to provide feedback to student writing!  Here's an example demonstrating ways of giving feedback using Jing

The free version of Jing is probably adequate for most educators.  I like the fact that the Pro version allows me to quickly save my videos as MP4s.  I also like the ability to switch back and forth between the computer screen view and video mode that the Pro version offers.  Screenr and Screencast-o-Matic are two other free screen sharing tools that are alternatives to Jing.
 I'd love to hear your ideas.  How can Jing be used for educational purposes?
Happy screen sharing!

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