Google Search Stories Video Creator in Education

Update: Google Search Stories Video Creator is no longer supported :(

While looking for a quick and painless way to highlight some key ideas for my classes in a creative way, I was reminded of Google Search Stories Video Creator.  Below are two short videos I created and uploaded to YouTube with in a matter of minutes. I will use the first one to highlight key concepts students in my Second Language Acquisition course should know at the end of a weekly reading/discussion. This second video is a result of a brainstorm that shows key components I want to include in a Tech for Teachers course I am in the process of creating.

Second Language Acquisition Video

Educational Technology Video

Google Search Stories Video Creator is literally as easy as one, two three.  1. Type in key words/phrases and select the type of search you want Google to do: web search, images, maps, news, blog search, product search, or books. 2. Choose music from a limited selection  3. Upload to YouTube. 

This is pretty basic, but it  gets the job done and is simple enough for students to learn and use with limited time.  I wish I could adjust the speed and have more control, but this activity could be used as a stepping stone for engaging students in video productions where given the right tools, they problem solve how to do just this.

Met Ed: I was reminded of this tool by Richard Byrne on Free Technology For Teachers where he suggests students use it to make documenting the research process a bit more exciting.  I like the idea of having students demonstrate the main ideas in a reading by pulling out key phrases and creating videos with Google Search Stories Video Creator.  Students could also use it to create an advertisement for a product  where each search term represents an aspect of the product that is revealed at the end.  There is room for creativity and integration in various content areas!

How could Google Search Stories Video Creator support student learning and engagement in your class?

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