TED Ed Initial Lauch

It's no secret that I'm a big TED Talks fan, so today's part 1 launch of TED Ed's You Tube Channel put a smile on my face.  Chris Anderson gives the background Behind Today's TED Ed Launch. Chris explains that the "prime goal... is short lessons that spark curiosity. That deliver memorable 'aha' moments. That make learning thrilling."  Sounds good to me!  Watch the introduction video below.

The Playing With Language short featured playlist caught my attention.  Questions No One (Yet) Knows the Answer To already sparked my curiosity.  Chris's own video is the intro to the series that could promote discussion and be a spin-off to classroom discussion.  You can watch it below.  Also, check out all of the other featured playlists, which include Awesome Nature, How Things Work, and Inventions that Shaped History.  I know I will.

TED Ed is inviting teachers to share lessons and contribute.  It is inviting animators to contribute too. Stay tuned for the launching of part 2 next month which promises to "open up a new section of ted.com devoted to TED-Ed and offer some powerful new tools to teachers." Sounds interesting.

Happy exploring or maybe even contributing!  Feel free to explore my related past TED Talks posts here.

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