The Teachers Should See This: iMotion HD

I am eleven years old and a guest blogger here.  I often find interesting sites and apps and sometimes want to share them.  I will occasionally post things I think teachers should see. Here is my post that I made about an app called iMotion HD

In the summer, it gets too hot outside to take my dog and leave her in the car while we go to the store or wherever we need to go. In the winter it gets too cold. We don’t like putting her in her kennel when we are gone, so we put her in the laundry room. We extended her area into the hallway and bathroom so that she has more room. When we are gone, my mom and I always wonder what she does when she is alone at the house. One day, I decided that we should use iMotion HD on my mom’s iPad to video tape what she was doing. Why not use the camera app? Well the camera app will turn off after a few minutes. iMotion HD is different than the camera app. I will tell you why.

iMotion HD is a stop motion app. It is an app where you program the video to take a picture every second, minute, day, etc. You can also make it take a picture every time you want it to if you are there on the iPad. After you have all the pictures you need, it will put them all together in a video. You can change the speed to be really fast or super slow.

Now I will show you what I did with iMotion HD. I made two different videos. I programmed the app to take a picture every two minutes. In the first video, I left the bathroom door open and only gave my dog one toy. We were gone for about 40 minutes. In the second video, I left the bathroom door open and gave her some more toys. We were gone for about an hour. Then, I compared how active my puppy was in each video. Here is the second video. She wasn’t very active in either of the videos.

There are a lot of things you can  do once you make an iMotion HD video.  My mom has edited them before in a video editor program.  I added music to this one on You Tube.

I hope you liked the post. Try to see what you can make with iMotion HD.

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