One Day on Earth 12-12-12

Last year on 11-11-11, my kiddo and I participated in the One Day on Earth 11-11-11 project by shooting and uploading this very short video clip as we walked through our local forested area.  See the 11-11-11 video trailer below.  What will you be doing on 12-12-12?  Consider participating.  The One Day on Earth site explains, "Together, we are showcasing the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one day."

Not sure what to submit? Get inspired here.  I particularly liked the Educational and People and Culture sections. The Educational Toolkit has some ideas for educators.

I should be in a pretty interesting place somewhere in the world on 12-12-12.  This time I'll be sure to record at least a minute to gain access to the final online copy of the film.

My One Day on Earth 11-11-11 post.

Happy filming!

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