#Unplugged Traveler

Well, I'm not completely unplugged because playing with technologies really is a hobby too.  But I am traveling and have no set schedule for posting in December and the beginning of January.  I am having a ton of fun playing with the technologies I have access to, mainly my iPhone.
Stay tuned for some of the results and a description of my technology usage in Bolivia.  In the meantime, feel free to join me on my travel adventure.  I'm hanging with some of my favorite people in one on my favorite countries while playing on my iPhone.  What's not to love about that? #unplugged.  Here' s the site.

Prior to departing the US, I set up a Zeen.  It seemed to have a lot of potential, but it's still in beta and I didn't see a mobile app for it.  I decided on Posterous, the same platform I used two years ago.  It was recently acquired by Twitter. I'm experiencing more issues with the site than I did two years ago, but it still seems to work.  One of the pluses for me is that I can type a post without wifi, save it, and publish later when I find wifi.  The wifi spots are far and few between though.  It's an adventure that's requiring some patience and problem solving :)

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  1. You should do a post on what tech gadgets you always bring when traveling. Like a top 5 or something =)